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Blazing Aura Booster Box

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New characters will join the game one after another! Popular characters are included as SECRET RARE cards!
Along with carrying over the Era from the first set, a new Era will be added in the series! With the introduction of many new characters, the battle in the Dragon Ball Super Card Game will become even more heated! Characters that are popular among fans will be included as Secret Rare cards!
Alternative-Art cards added for 4 Leaders, 12 Super Rares and 2 Secret Rares!
Not only will 4 Leader cards and 12 Super Rare cards get ALT-ART version, but the 2 Secret Rare cards will too! The powerful card also features a gorgeous illustration and a new appeal, making it the one card that everyone wants!
Alternative-Art cards with a new touch are also included!
New special illustration cards that are a must-have for collectors! This time we included an ALT-ART card featuring a special touch unlike what appeared in the first series!
Includes a promotion code that allows you to get a reward in the digital version!
A promotion code for the digital version of the product is also included in the package! We will liven up Dragon Ball Super Card Game Fusion World with a special promotion where customers can get a digital pack of the game in addition to the products they purchase!


24 Packs per Box, 12 Cards per Pack