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Battle Minds Theme Deck

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Mind-Melting Psychic Storms! Combine raw heat and psychic prowess for an attack that's hard to stop! Mewtwo's Mind Report Ability recovers the awesome Welder Supporter card, so you can keep your Fire-type Pokémon totally fired up. Incineroar adds fuel to the fire in the Battle Mind theme deck!

The Pokémon TCG: Sun and Moon—Unbroken Bonds Battle Mind Theme Deck includes:.

  • 60 Pokémon card deck.
  • 1 card checklist.
  • 1 metallic coin.
  • 2-player playmat and rulesheet.
  • 1 code card to play this deck online.
  • 1 deck box.
  • 1 Quick Guide to unlock the strategies within.